FOCUS on Customers

FOCUS on Customersby Bob Shaff I September 8, 2014

Today, my topic is FOCUS. We hear a lot about focus, and how important it is, but we don’t hear much about how to FOCUS on our customers.

I believe that focus is “tuning in” to a certain frequency….tuning in to your customers’ frequency.

Have you noticed that when you first buy a new car….say you just bought a Toyota Camry…..that you start seeing Camrys everywhere you look….at every stoplight, going thru every intersection, and in every parking lot.

Did everybody just buy a new Camry?….NO!!!….you just noticed them.

It’s the same way with your customers….if you just notice them, you’ll discover that they’re all over the place, wanting to be served….in the way they want to be served.

CSI is one of the most popular TV shows in our country. Have you noticed that when the investigators go into a crime scene room for the first time, they turn out the lights in the room, turn on their flashlights, and then examine the room, shining their flashlights into the area they want to examine.

Why do they do it this way?

FOCUS!! The darkened room allows them to focus on what they point at, and not be distracted by everything else in the room.

It’s the same with our customers. We’re busy. We get distracted by the phone, by our tasks, and by what we’re doing when a customer arrives at our door.

You’ll find that if you and your employees focus on your customers….give them your full attention…..truly listen to them…you’ll be amazed at the level of service you can provide them….and they will be amazed as well.

Also, and even more importantly, when we FOCUS on our customers, when we really TUNE IN to them and their needs, when we really LISTEN to them….we will find new ways to meet their needs, new ways to make them feel special, and new ways for them to say “WOW” about their experience with us.