Customer feedback is the “Breakfast of Champions” for world-class companies.  Bob will help you find a way that works for your business to collect feedback from your customers (and employees), and will help turn their ideas into action.

Not sure about how your customers feel about a new product or about your level of service?  A simple answer:  Ask Them!!  Customer Surveys can take many forms…by mail, via the internet, or…in personal conversations during or after a purchase or transaction."
- Bob Shaff, Customers for Life Consulting
Their answers are your report card and your source of new ideas.


Keys to a Successful Survey

Limit the number of questions – consider asking just 2 questions: How would you rate your experience with our Company? What one thing could we do, change, or stop that woudl be most valuable to you when dealing with us?

Thank the survey participants after the survey, and promise to send them the results.

Review the Results with your management team, and select 3 things you will do, change, or stop as a result of the survey.

Thank all those you asked for feedback (even those who did not respond), and tell them the 3 things your company is going to do, change, or stop as a result of the survey feedback.

Repeat as needed.