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4 Remarkables
There are 4 ways to become a remarkable company: Hire great people. Train them. Reward the behaviors you want. Collect and act upon customer feedback.
There is no stronger human need than to be wanted. Give your customer a sense of belonging by treating them specially. Pick up the phone and call a customer out of the say thank you and to tell them you appreciate their business.
Customers don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. Caring builds relationships. Relationships create trust, and trust earns business.
Carlos Garcia and the Cobb Salad
I met Carlos at a wedding ceremony. He told me that he loved his job...that it was like a Cobb Salad...there was so much to like about it. Seek, find, and hire more employees like Carlos Garcia.
Denny Flanagan
Denny is a Captain for United Airlines who goes out of his way to make it easy for his passengers to CONNECT with United Airlines.
If you focus on your customers, and their needs and preferences, you will find opportunities to help them, to serve them, and to WOW them...turning them into Raving Fans.
Island Johnny
Island Johnny is a server at Huggo's. This story describes the difference that Island Johnny makes for Huggo's.
SW Airlines
A story about a dad-to-be, and how SW Airlines made a difference in his life.
Window Washing
You don't think you can be unique...ask this fast food restaurant in Texas what they did to WOW their customers.
Amish Father
A story about how we often assume that our customer knows all about us, our products and services. Don't assume that. Take every opportunity to educate and inform your customers by engaging them in conversations.

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