It is impossible for an un-motivated, un-engaged employee to deliver world-class service to your customers.  One of the best ways to increase employee motivation and engagement is to LISTEN to your employees, and to ACT on some of their suggestions.  This is a major “culture-shift” for many companies.  Bob will help you LISTEN and ACT by facilitating employee Discussion Groups.

This is a powerful, effective way to earn employee “buy-in”.  Anonymous employee feedback on these 5 questions will provide you valuable recruiting quotes, and employee ideas for how to make your company and their jobs better.
- Bob Shaff, Customers for Life Consulting
There are many ways to structure Employee Discussion Groups, depending upon your company's organization and staffing.  One way is to invite 8-10 employees, with representation from each major functional area, to participate.  Ask the 5 questions listed below, record the responses, and use this feedback to engage your employees.


Questions to Ask

What do you like the best about working for ABC Company? The answers to this question can become great material to use in recruiting new employees.

If you were in charge, what one thing would you do, change, or stop to make ABC Company a better place to work?

How would you rate the level of customer service ABC delivers today? This is a benchmark that can be used to measure positive progress in the future.

What gets in your way of delivering Remarkable Customer Service? These responses identify current roadblocks that can be removed or lowered.

If you were in charge, what one thing would you do, change, or stop that would most increase value for our customers? The key question from a customer perspective that will result in many ideas for improvement.