Engaged employees are both essential and critical in providing REMARKABLE EXPERIENCES to a company’s customers.


1. Teach Employee

The REMARKABLE EXPERIENCES journey starts by teaching employees the reasons and the benefits of providing REMARKABLE EXPERIENCES to their customers. This session typically is 90 minutes in duration, and covers both REMARKABLE concepts and outlines the remaining steps in the process.

2. Engage Employee

In a subsequent meeting, employees are assembled in groups of 6-10, with representative from each functional group in the company…and are asked several questions about their perceptions of the company’s current practices.

3. Listen To Employee

The employee’s comments are recorded and transcribed (to provide anonymity) and then reviewed by all participating employees.

4. Collect Employee Feedback

The employee’s suggestions and comments are summarized and reviewed by company management, who then selects 3-4 actions that they commit to accomplish in response to the employee suggestions.

5. Act on Employee Suggestions

The CEO and management team are then accountable for accomplishing the 3-4 actions. Repeat as necessary to accomplish more of the employee suggestions.


6. Teach Customer

In a similar manner, the process with customers begins with the opportunity to set customer expectations, and to inform them as to how they can best use the products and services your company offers. This is the time to communicate your company’s mission and values to your customers.

7. Engage Customer

As your customer becomes familiar with your company and your products and service, make it a point to get together with them to ask how you are doing and what else they would like you to do.

8. Listen to Customer

Listen to what they say, and act upon what you learn.

9. Collect Customer Feedback

Ask them to rate their satisfaction with you and ask them, “What one thing could we do that would be of most benefit to you?”

10. Act on Customer Suggestions

This is the most neglected step. ACT on what your customers suggest. Thank them for their suggestions and for helping improve your company.


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